Thursday, February 02, 2006

Master of Orion 2: Tenth Anniversary Battle Tournament

First, invest 10 thousand research points, then build a fleet of your design using 10 Command points, and finally join in our celebration of 10 years of this classic masterpiece.

An invitation to all fans of Master of Orion II

Siron, myself and the Kali community encourage you join our upcoming tournament.

Here is a rough guideline to our current vision.

Compilation of Tournament Rules and Prospective Ideas
(Subject to change and revision until further notice.)
Current Leadership and Direction provided by Siron

To begin, this tournament is open to all players, new and old.
Registration Deadline: To be disclosed
Tournament Initiation: ~Febuary 3, 2006
Tournament Finals: ~August 1, 2006-October 1, 2006

Tournament is based on Tactical battles ONLY, with the "Ship Initiative" option turned on. Ship initiative can be calculated by dividing your beam attack value by ten and adding your combat speed to the resulting number. Expressed in this equation:(Initiative value = beam attack/10 + combat speed).

E-mail your ship designs to Anyone who needs assistance with their Master of Orion II installation or those without access to Master of Orion II, install Kali and visit us on chat server 138. (See the link "Kali-Guide" to the right for details on that install)

Players will be allowed to use the "Alt + Menlo" cheat for the purpose of aquiring no more than 10,000 research points of technology for combat purposes. This code should be entered on the galaxy map screen. These 10,000 points will be applied from the "average" technology level. Currently, there are no technology bans. Combatants will be required to record the Tech levels researched for the judge to review. Additionally, the "Alt + Crunch" cheat shall be used to complete production of ships in a single turn. This code should be entered on the colony screen.

Ten command points will be available for each fleet. Players will be allowed to use these command points as they see fit.

Fleets will be battle tested for a sort of 'pre-season' experimentation period prior to the finals. During this time, fleets have the opportunity to acquire experience points. Players whose designs prove formidable early on , may even reach elite status. Don't discount that Space Academies can still be researched and built within the rule parameters. This time period also offers players a chance to adapt or change designs before making a final decision on his fleet(s). Of all the designs submitted, the top 25% shall receive experience points based on their battle performance(more details to follow). We will also be providing some tactical analysis of designs.

The creative race-pick is allowed, all others are banned. On the race selection screen choose custom, then press Clear and choose creative then hit Accept.

Fleet Contest Example:

Example (text in bold is required):
Subject: fleet contest
Nickname: siron
Fleet No.1 (you can submit more than 1 fleet)
Fleetname: (optional)

Write down a column of your tech choices:
Tech Choices
7080 Construction
1150 Power
250 Chemistry
150 Sociology
550 Computers
400 Physics
250 ForceFields

and attach your save file:

Monday, January 09, 2006


Come join our Community at The Orion Nebula.

There is excellent Master of Orion 2 patch written by our fellow fan L. Brazen.

Test your mental prowess versus the best of MOO players on Kali.